Program Information  [Updated 12-21-2019]:   


on COX CABLE Friday nights @ 8:30pm channel 23

Jan. 31 SFC girls volleyball - CIF state champs (2005)

Feb. 7   Interview with CRU representative: Bob Prouty

Feb, 14 'Inside the world of stripclubs' (what really occurs)

Feb. 21 Interview with former LA radio host (Paul McGuire)

Feb. 28 Interview with former pornographer (Steve Lane)

Mar.   6 Interview with SD professional sports announcer Jerry Gross

Mar. 13 TV (CTN) interview with author Lee Lambert

Mar. 20 'Drug Free CA (host interview)




James is also putting together a new (made for TV) speech he made at an Oklahoma church that was recorded while he was in that area sharing Christ at several Oklahoma colleges. It will be shown on Cox cable either this May and early June..

We also hope to later locate the 8 minute interveiw the author had on the 'Russell Brand Show' (shown nationally on the Fx Channel in October of 2012) so we can post it on the internet.



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