James Lambert
(revised April 12th, 2009) James Lambert is a licensed Real Estate Loan Sales agent. He is licensed with the state of Calif. Department of Real Estate and has a broad background in the real estate lending field. He has worked in various capacities for Crocker National Bank, San Diego Trust and Savings Bank and First Interstate Bank. He has also taught Finance at Mira Costa Community College for 3 years. Lambert is also a contributing perspectives writer for OneNewsNow.com and ChristianMirror.net. His work has been seen on WorldNetDaily.com, NewsMax.com, OneNewsNow.com, TownHall.com, Michael Savage.com and over 3,000 news and related sites on the Internet. James is the author of "Porn in America", a Huntington House book. He has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor (FNC) twice, The Morning Show (BBC-TV), The Morning News (Fox News Channel - New York), The Crier Report (Court TV), the 700 Club (ABC Family channel), the TBN network (4 times),Channel 4 (England),Fox News - San Diego (4 times),100 Huntley Street(CTS television - Canada), CBS News(Tupelo,Ms.), (nationally syndicated)Cornerstone TV- Pittsburgh, PA.(twice),Hardcopy (Paramount Pictures),HDTV net- World Report(Dish Network, Direct TV),PBS radio network (twice), Decision Today radio (Billy Graham Evang. Assn.), Focus on the Family News, USA radio network (4 times), SRN radio news (numerous times), American Family Radio (9 times),KBRT-740 am (Los Angeles)and many radio and local television (ABC,NBC,CBS,Fox) programming (most recently in May 2008). Lambert also has his own weekly community access TV show in San Diego county (refer to 'Night Lights' on this web site for more detail and check out a newly streamed video episode of our TV show)! Regarding his RE loan business, James' recognizes the importance of delivering the fairest RE loan pricing to his customers. Contact Mr. Lambert at #800-656-8603 or click his e-mail logo on this web site, if you want to reach him.

Besides offering investment, commercial, construction, or acquisition loans, Lambert still is offering a low fixed rate payment that will keep your payment low for a long time!  Note: Lenders have notably tightened lending requirements in the past few months).  Call my 800 # today !!!  We also offer reverse mortgage loans ! (These are great alternative loans for retired people ! )  We are an equal opportunity lender.

NEW!  James will be hosting some brand new episodes of Night Lights that will include a partial showing of the new documentary, the Kinsey Syndrome (www.KinseySyndrome.com ) featuring Dr. Judith Reisman and 3 interviews with the host.  

We are currently planning a special program in the future where we will interview the California Senate Republican leader, Dennis Hollingsworth - discussing the on-going budget problems in this state. Finally we are planning on addressing the problem of pornography in our public libraries in a future broadcast.  Please see times and channels on "Night Lights" section of this web site ... Also look for a new format to the TV show in the coming months including a new music theme and graphics.

Video streaming is now available on this site. We feature excerpts from a past telecast of Night Lights. Also included in the video streaming section is a recent (07-22) appearance before the SD city council by the host as well as appearance before another city. Please refer to James' recently published articles now shown on the "Pro-family News" section of this web site. This includes a commentary featured in the North County Times. Please feel free to e-mail me (see logo on Home Page) if you have any further questions...