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Cox Cable (SD) telecasts - every Sunday night @ 8:30 (channel 18 or 23), depending on where you live in San Diego ... 

-   Christian Anti-Defamation Commission  Guest:  Gary Cass, Dir.   02-15-09

-   "The Value of a Christian Education"  Guest: Clark Gilbert, SuperIntendent
     www.TCCS.org  and  "Defending the rights of city workers"  Guest: Charles
     LiMandri, West Coast Dir.  Thomas More Center for Law       02-22-09

-    "What we can expect from the new Admin."  Guest: Betty Cordoba, former
     elected member - Rep. Central Committee;  "An Update on the Border" Guest:
     Jeff Schwilk, founder - San Diego Minutemen        03-01-09

-    "David Horowitz interview, part 1"  Guest: author, political commentator David
      Horowitz, Editor   www.FrontPageMag.com            03-08-09

-     "David Horowitz interview, part 2"   Guest: author, political commentator David
      Horowitz, Editor  www.FrontPageMag.com          03-15-09

-     "America's Christian heritage"  Guest: Bob McClellan, Wall Builders


Time Warner (central, coastal & north county SD)
casts - every Sunday night @ 8:30pm, chan. #19  
-      "Scientific censorship in our schools"  Guest: Dr. Duane Gish, Phd  03-15-09

-      "The value of Christian education"  Guest: Clark Gilbert, www.TCCS.org 
       and Charles LiMandri, esq "SD Firefighter's defend their rights"  03-22-09

-      "What we can expect from our new President"  Guest: Betty Cordoba,
        former Rep. Central Committee member &  "Illegal Immigration" Part 5, Jeff
        Schwilk, Founder - San Diego Minutemen   03-29-09

-      "Bible prophecy" Part 1  Guest: Paul McGuire, author / lecturer  04-05-09

-      "Bible prophecy"  Part 2  Guest: Paul McGuire, author/ lecturer   04-12-09

-      "Fox News Channel out-takes"  Guest:  Host & "Life Today interview"
        featuring Tonya Flynt-Vega, the pornographer's daughter    04-19-09


Time Warner (formerally Adelphia Cable)
has now completely consolidated with T/W
(central San Diego) effective March 1, 2009

New Appearance Information [Updated March 15th, 2009]:  

Look for an update and follow-up progam regarding the elections and what the results
will mean in the future to people in our country and state.
 We have taped an interview
with Betty Cordoba, former elected member of the (San Diego) Republican Central
Committee for this telecast. Additionally we have interviewed Jeff Schwilk, the
founder of San Diego Minutemen. He will be giving his take on border security
issues and what the matters mean to San Diegans.

In our new tapes we have included an interview with Clark Gilbert,
the Superintendent of Tri-City High School asking him "what a Christian
education can offer a student." His interview is followed by an interview with
Charles LiMandri, esq - the San Diego lawyer who became well know in
San Diego for his legal defense of the Mt. Soledad Cross. 

Night Lights will be rebroadcasting an interview of Bob McClellan, City of El Cajon council
member's discussing America's Christian Heritage. Additionally we have decided to show
the interview from a 2003 O'Reilly Factor interview with our host discussing the culture
along with an independent (James Robison) interview of Tonya Flynt-Vega, the daughter
of  pornographer - Larry Flynt. 

As for future shows we are planning an interview with CA. Senate Repulican leader
Dennis Hollingsworth. We also will be showing two 20 minute segments of the film
the Kinsey Syndrome (www.KinseySyndrome.com) which the host participated in.    
Finally, special thanks to Stephen Byer who is the media teacher at  www.TCCS.org
for the use of his studio for several past telecasts and Bob McClellan for his taped
interview on America's Christian heritage.  


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